What do you do when you have doubts?

Is asking always the right thing to do?
Waiting for time to decide? 

Insecurities? Will I ever be secure? 
I have trust issues. Do you remember? What do you know about me?
Shall I ask for a cool off time? Am I over thinking?
I just needed to know if I'm the only one. or I'm one of the many.

Can you clear the clouds I have in my mind right now?
As I am writing now, it is kind of pointless for me to continue pursuing. I'm filled with insecurities that you're not providing to me.

As rational as I am, how come I cant shake it off.

What is happiness to you? What is dating to you? Do we not need to care about each other?

Can you tell me honestly if you have lost interest in me? Please do not keep me in the dark.


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