time flies

it's the month of March,13

honestly, because of the non-stop revolution,
trend tends to change,
people would rather post their status at fb or twitter or tumblr, even at instagram.
well, prolly because i have sentimental emotion towards blogging.
thus, here am i.

recently, I've been thinking much about most of the stuff that i've been doing.
Am i going to go back time? and make some changes?
'i know its impossible, but people can dream and imagine right?'

I took the time to look through facebook today differently.
Usually, my routine was refresh the home page and also click to the profile page, lastly, click on the notification and that's about it.

I took the time to browse through my friend's page and status today.
I realise that there are so much changes. This changes makes me feel like i should grow.

Prolly because i think i didn't grow as much as them?

I went to Genting last weekend for some weekend getaway,
since I'm above legal age, my friends and I decided to take a troll down to casino.
'to those that knows me, I think u guys would understand i want to write later'

YEAH! i got stopped by the security guard. FOR MANY TIMES.
there is even one, that didn't believe that my IC is genuine..
'do i really look that young?' is it really impossible to think that such a face is above legal age?

Sometimes, i really want people to treat me as an adult, but sometimes i prefer not to.

Well, its not that  i'm complaining how young i look like,
Its just, when u see so much changes and time do to a person, u tend to reflect it on yourself, right?

I don't know, but i certainly hope that someone would take the time to really understand and know you for who you are instead of just looking at what you can offer.


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