the year of 2013.. shall start with a good beginning

I suddenly have the urge to blog. its already 2013.. *probably due to something i heard during my lunch*

yeah, from my previous post, it can be seen clearly that I have lost interest in blogging..
cause i was simply... LAZY.

yeah, I admit to it.

Anyway, its already the 30th of January 2013, speaking of that, *tomorrow is Baskin Robbin's day!* **gonna head over an buy my favourite Mint Chocolate Chips** yummy =P

Without notice, have been working for about wat... *count my fingers*8 month...
So far so good.. still living and alive. (*though i would wish for the world to end during 21.12.2012.*)

Anyway, gained 2kg's.. *fml*

Owh well, I have nothing much to talk about my boring life as a young adult (yah I AM STILL in that category) **i hope...*

I miss my favourite people in the world, Ms Charmaine and Ms Mei Mei and also

our most reliable friend Mr TK.

CAN YOU GUYS STOP GOING ON TRIP and come TEMAN ME??!?!?!?!?! *i love u*

before i sign off..
(today's moon is extra HUGE O.o)

my nestle cute and pretty girls 
(should be pretty la, i think i'm the retard)

my battlebabes!
(pretty young and cheecky and funny)

my uni bunch!!!!~
*Miss u all like crazy*
cause i cant find all of u in 1 picture 

my BELOVED bunch
*and of course TK*

SUMS!!!~ I LOVE U ALL!!!~ <3 p="">


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