the past few months were heck!

someone told me this,

jooying, your blog is dead.

honestly, it is real.
i have honestly lost the TIME to blog about how i felt to the world.
i have failed to communicate with the world.
i have lost the passion of it.

but, since i have the time to do so now,
i would like to water my blog with some water, to prevent it to die.

these past month was working month for me.
started myself to work for Nestle, which means travelling to Mutiara Damansara everyday from Cheras.
yeah, i am amazed myself.
owh well, so far so good for me. since i think its a good learning experience.

ever since i started working, i realised that a day wasnt that long.
since i start working at 8.15a.m, end around 6 something to 7p.m.
i thought to myself. OMGOSH! i have lost my morning till evening.. once i'm home its ready for 8.30p.m tv drama. HAHAHAHA

the sudden realization that this cycle of work is going to continue...
I REALLY WANNA STUDY AGAIN!!!~ T________________T

i want to enjoy the moment when i can fully use my student privilege. watching movie during weekdays, when no one will 'fight for tickets'

eating food using student price,

have everything in student price!

most importantly, when i can sleep my weekdays till 10a.m and have no worries that I have work early in the morning.

i miss the time when i can have NO CLASS days on weekdays!!!!

i love study time! so, to those that are studying, cherish the moment!!!!~ i love you!

this is given by my boss, all the way from HongKong. 
its a type of sweet btw.
i felt that i resemble the red elephant in the middle top
as confused as i am, i felt that i need some time off to myself
to revert.


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