My Cellnique Facial Review Experience.

Its been a while since i've been to my usual facial treatment.. its most probably cause i was too busy with my university schedule T.T
Even my mum was complaining that i face is getting worst, in which was! My face is in serious problems!!!~

Lucky me, I was invited to do a review on Cellnique products.=)
A lucky bonus is that, the location was really near to my university, so i was able to go uni right after my facial treatment. 

I scheduled myself on last Thursday morning, as i will have another discussion going in the afternoon session.
HOWEVER, due to my inability to find parking.. i was late for about 20minutes?? 
Cellnique staff was really nice, they called me up whether i was arriving or not to confirm, and was really patient with me when i was kind of frustrated due to parking issues. (Good Customer Service)

Upon arrival, i was directed to the main lounge, which was really cosy.

Quint Essence Wellness
64-M Floor, Jalan Cerdas,
Taman Connaught, Cheras
56000 Kuala Lumpur
03- 91002039

Then, i was shown their variety of Cellnique most amazing products, 
which earned them the title of..

Before heading towards my treatment, I was being tested by a machine.. regarding my skin's health.
And as i expected, my skin is dryer than the hair dryer.. T.T
and i was even shocked that my assigned therapist told me that i have freckles (SERIOUSLY? i am on in my early 20's!!!!)

So i was directed to perform a multivitamin treatment.

Before that….. here is the locker room which is sooo NICE!

According to what I was explained,

Multivitamin treatment is used to improve the skin's condition, maintain elasticity of the skin, help stimulate the vital functions of the skin, which is safe for everyone and most importantly... it helps to keep your skin radiant!!!~

This treatment features multivitamin powder masque which helps skin energize, provide deep moisturizing benefit, and deliver bright and glowing skin.
In addition to that, there is also hydrating essence whereby it enhances moisture retention and restore balance for dehydrated skin. Besides that, it also provides skin softness and energized with a fresh radiance.
Lastly, include lightening essence will tone down the skin pigmentation, creates a fair looking skin complexion and lighten skins tone.

The main ingredient of this treatment include

1. carrot root extract
2. idebenone
3. Hydrolyzed algin
4. Sodium hyaluronic
5. Hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans

Here is the result after my facial…

My face was brighter, more moisture and also blackheads were REMOVED!!!!~
Thanks to my therapist, Stella, that day who were so very patient with me as my skin condition were really bad.

There, here's the good news to all my readers!!!~ Its limited for the first 50 readers only.
You could get RM 100 Treatment Discount Voucher for 1st trial treatment and have the similar treatment that I have in a discounted price.

There are steps to follow...

1. Write a comment by clicking (HERE) on my wallpost at Cellnique fb page (gentle reminder: don't disclose my email to the public alright?)

2. Cellnique will contact you in your personal facebook message. then you will need  provide details and information such as full name, contact number, email address, and such on.

3. E- voucher will be sent to you then.. and ready for redemption after printing.

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, make an appointment with Cellnique and enjoy you discount!!!



Anne Lee said…
the interior design of Cellnique is so cozy... will fall asleep when doing the treatment. haha
Henry Tan said…
why no1 invite me for facial review one. =(
joo ying said…
Anne lee: yeah, its really cosy.. can sleep there. >< in fact i kinda slept inside..

Henry: (contact Cellnique) >< HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

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