the hectic 3rd month of 2012

i was really busy these days.
with wat?

FOR GAWD SICK! its the friggin club!

almost 50% of my mountain of work comes from the friggin club.
problems after problems are hugging so tightly.
yeah, i am on my verge of being so very shy and hoping they leave me alone.

anyway, i did had a very fun day out recently.
it was so frequent that i actually scared myself for being so prompt in replying a 'YES' to go out.
Almost all my weekends were booked that it finally blew a HOLE in my dad's head and burst out nagging all day long.. saying that i went out too often.
well, not surprising, even i myself realise that i've been out too often.

my questionnaire is being posted online.
Don't care about negative feedback from 1 annoying fella.
cause, i know how creditable my questionnaire is.
if he thinks that he can do a better job. then i wish him good luck?


yeah, 3rd month of the year.....
1 more month to my submission.
1/2 month to my final exam starting soon
2 more months to my internship =)

i once told myself that i didn't want my final semester to be STRESSED
but how come i'm so OVERLY STRESSED than normal semester?
god know.

i want to cut my hair soon! split ends are annoying me.
and i am serious about the split ends..
always manage to get my mood swing up and down like a pendulum


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