Looking for Proton Cars?

it seems that i missed out the whole month!
there were many activities going on in my life.
practically, nowadays i'm more of travelling myself around because my sister is currently not in Kuala Lumpur, and i have the car for me most of the time.
well, NOT to be lazy or anything. I SERIOUSLY think that most of the time i  need the help for a vehicle to help me travel all over the place.
this is because...

1st, my university is in Taman Connaught Cheras.
2nd, my Japanese class is in Fahrenheit88 Kuala Lumpur
3rd, my house is at another end of Cheras
4th, my outing place is normally at Mid Valley..

 5th, 6th, 8th................ and the list goes on........

 okay, you got me. I need a FRIGGIN CAR TO TRAVEL ALL OVER! (nope, public transport is NOT NEEDED, tvqm)

and since students like (you) and me are always hungry for a car once u reached a certain age.
but due to financial constraint, what do you do?

if you didnt have a car, a location which takes you about 30minutes to reach by car will probably be taking at least 2 hours to reach by public transport. TRUST ME this is NOT fun!!!~

previously, when i didnt had a car, i need to take the train back from Wangsa Maju to my house.. every journey took at least 1 hour, when my friends only take 15 minutes to reach home from Wangsa Maju TarCollege.

So, if you didn't want to encounter this trouble...

Looking for a wise and easy solution?

Try browsing over at CarSifu.com  as they provide various proton's 2nd hand cars over at their website for an affordable price with specific details about the condition of the car. Thus, having an additional option opened for yourself to choose from.

Besides that, CarSifu.com also gives specific links over to specific types of car making it easier for customers or browsers to navigate over at their website! Their proton car's list are as long as 30 pages! so there should be no problem in searching your best and affordable car.

Interested in getting a car? No worries. Head over to carsifu.com and everything will be settled!
Wish you luck!!!~


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