the february worries

since my blog is covered with dust.
about 1.5 months i didnt post up anything already
people thinks i'm dead.

i was seriously very busy these 2 months.
because recently i've started learning languages. taken languages intensive course in addition to my ALREAD dying Thesis and also 1 course subjects.

I AM SO VERY BUSY too with all my club's activities.
i practically didnt even have the time to watch my favourite anime and also variety shows.

yeah. i am boosting about how busy i am.
------------- enough about my boring life----------------

recently i've been hanging out with quite a number to people ranging from older than me, to younger than me.
and even some are my parent's friends.

does this mean that i'm expanding my social circle? (i surely hope it does)

but most of the time, i felt that half way of each conversation, i was either unplugged or feeling detached.
and i don't know whats the reason to it.
my soul went out from my body.

and i have this feeling that i'm losing focus of what i want to achieve in life.
thats why, now that i have some time for myself. i'll think over everything in detail and also try to focus on my priorities.

and of course i do hope that my result for this semester is higher than my previous 1 due to 'Mr. ZZZZ' for not giving me the 1% and also discouraging me from my goals. but i wont hate you for that. u know how important you are in my lecturer--line. HAHAHAHA

and did i mentioned that i got myself a new phone? its Samsung Galaxy Note!!!~
and its in WHITE! my favourite colour (for phone choice)

i got it 3 days before Chinese New Year. and yeah, so now i am practically broke.
my mountain depleted like 50%.

and my spending are so huge that it burnt a hole in my wallet. i seriously need to cut back on my spendings.

from now on, who wants to ajak me out. pay for my meals and parking.. if not i'll stay home.
i am so broke. from friday to saturday spent RM100 only on food and entertainment. . please dun kill me mum . T.T


Faisal said…
Well.. there's always Apple Chupachups! :D
joo ying said…
faisal: i want apple chupachup!!! T.T

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