colour the picture of 2012 with rainbows!


how i spent my 1st January of 2012?

around 0000, i was still streaming the MBC's Gayo Daejun.
around 0100, i was STILL uploading the YT version of MBC's Gayo Daejun
around 0200, i was heading to bed

around 1000, i was woken up by my cousin's call saying that she's heading over to my house
around 1100, i was heading towards my cousin's house for her to bath and get cleaned
around 1300, cousins and I headed towards our grandfather's house for the Family reunion early dinner
around 14.00, we played mahjong =D

around 1600, the steamboat dinner started
around 1900, the steamboat dinner ended... and we washed TONNES of dishes (totaling up to23 person)
around 2000, everyone was gossiping chit-chatting with each other (hahaha....)
around 2100, we headed home

around 2200, I continued online till the day reached 2nd January 2012

yeah! so this is how i spent my new year (in a special way), FAMILY are always the best companion..
and this is also the reason why i posted this, the day before...

My new year of 2012, shall start with a new beginning, as i re-read my previous 2011 post, i realised that especially this year, it brings more meaning to it, as last year i spent it with my fellow ex-college mates!
This year, marks the new retribution and resolution. Maybe its because the 1-am-still-studying mode is going to end. Owh well, beat that. I just want to enjoy my life to its fullest and not regret it in the future.

I will keep on believing in myself, by putting hope and faith dusting it with my confidence in everything I do now and future. No matter what discouragement and negative energy that I'm going to receive I'll sweep it away. In fact, i'll prove to you that I am capable as well. BLUEK!

So.. what's my resolution this year?

1. getting 1st class (i am dead serious about this, although it is still fairly tough).. borderline again. FML
2. able to learn Korean language (money please drop down from sky)
3. getting myself a Nikon 1 (seriously, MONEY TREE WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU?)
4. getting myself a decent job for internship (source of finance)
5. keeping my family together happily
6. having myself and family members HEALTHY
7. have a safe trip =)
8. FIND a approved boyfriend? (i had enough of annoying and weird freaks)
9. able to go for more fanmeetings and concerts!

i think i'll stop here.. HOPE out of 9 i'll be able to fulfill at least 5 of it la.

its because i promised myself to









so guys, watch out!
(posing cutely like JGS)


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