the one and only- advertisement that inspires

am i the only one that thinks that this advertisement video is amazing? i'll have to say that the Toyota Camry's marketing and advertising department is doing an excellent job in promoting the Camry car's latest product feature.. the advertisement is very meaning and interesting in a way, not forgetting the amazing Lee Min Ho is inside take a look at the advertisement.

The advertisement video is featuring about Lee Min Ho, being a coma patient for a month, and forgets everything about his life. Thank to his one and only Toyota Camry, he finally found his identity and the reason why and what caused him to be laying down on a hospital bed.

Indeed in my own perspective, that this advertisement video is intriguing as the not only features the importance and the benefits of the latest product feature, at the same time enhancing the focus on the design and interior of the car.

I've got to give a hand applaud to the marketing department for the brilliant idea.

credits to camry-toyota
 Toyota Camry- The One and Only

 Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4


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