a day with you, wonderfuls!

its been a while that i posted something here right?

yeah, recently was kind-of being occupied. or just plain laziness.

the laziness to transfer file from my camera to my laptop
the laziness to plug the usb to my camera
the laziness to edit every single picture from paint (yeah i am using paint)

 so, basically i am just plain lazy.

but today, i was exceptionally 'hard-working' simply because i went out with my bunch of friends which lighten's my day and also time for us to catch-up on each other. simply LOVE!

we had a mini celebration for wai ling (a friend of mine) for her belated birthday.

Well, to make up for her sad birthday which was being celebrated by doing her final year project of her degree (also known as Independent Project in UCSI University).

Since today is her 'merdeka' day (after her viva), we head over to Mid Valley for some FUN!

The trip over to Mid Valley was a disaster! the havoc and traffic were so intense, that it took us about 30 minutes to reach to the destination, and another 30 minutes to get a parking at Gardens.

Owh well, that's all a no-problem, when you have your good companion right? Time flies like lightning (yeah, its that quick).

In a jiffy, we parked, walked and reach to a point where we were all searching for good food at a good place which accommodate our loud voice and long hospitality in a restaurant, which ended us up at Italliannies =)

So basically, today's post is about the good italian food we had in Italiannies, Gardens.

Since Italiannies is having promotion of Let's Do Lunch which basic from RM15.90++, so we opt to this choice as we were all hungry! This promotion compliments Soup/Salad of the day and also free-flow of Pepsi!

upon ordering, we were served with delicious home-made herb bread, with herb olive oil and balsamic vinegar, which i super LOVE! (Italiannies bread are always so delicious!)

Then for starters, 

mushroom soup was served. In my opinion, AWESOME! 
this is mainly because i like my soup a little bit more creamy than normal campbell, and there were large chunks of mushroom inside which i superly LOVE! *thumbs up!* 

since most my friends ordered soup, so I opt for a salad instead.
In my opinion, the salad were slightly under-seasoned, as there weren't much of olive oil and vinegar or sauce. But i do like the generous amount of vegetable and tomotoes which i love! Owh, i'm not a fan of olive, but this olive don't have that- strong taste, so i kinda like it.

this was awesome as well, its Vegetable Minestrone, which normally people would named it as 'Loh Sung Tong'. GOSH, this soup is amazingly nice! its switches ON your taste bud, as its slightly sour (due to generous amount of tomatoes) and also the vegetables were generous!
Basically, most of my friends and I are filled with just the bread and starters.

THEN! its the entree

Pepperoni Pizza, the RM20.90++ set
To those that knows me well, know that Pepperoni pizza is simply my favourite!
So i won't miss the chance to take this!
Pepperoni pizza is amazing! the delicious cheese and beef is HEAVENLY for me
so i would totally recommend this!

HOWEVER, to those that are having braces like me, please make sure you are having NO pain or what-so-ever, cause the crust might be slightly hard for people with braces to bite on.

Then, its the Mushroom and Ham Pizza, RM15.90++ set
According to my friends, they didn't really like the combination of fresh mushroom and the pizza crust,
as there are still a little bitterness left in the mushroom (cause its not dried), but the ham was delicious.
So maybe, for those that didn't really like the fresh mushroom taste should opt for another course.

photo credit to Xiemin =)

This is Angel Hair Pomodoro, RM15.90++ set
PASTA is amazing!!!!!~ this dish is seriously awesome! The 1st bite will totally leave you with the I-want-MORE-of-THIS feeling.
This dish would be totally under the favourite-list of those that enjoys tomoto-basil sauce. The amount of sauce is just sufficient, and the noodles are not over-cooked.

In between our meal, the waiter/manager came to our table and tell us about the promotion, LDL they called it, and present us with this card with a chop! and told us, if we visit Italiannies 4 more times, we were entitled to get a free complimentary LDL! AWESOME!!!!!~

In the end, we enjoyed our meal, with happy stomach, and also wonderful companion. Last before we head home, we head over to Gong Cha and yeah! my diet plan phail miserably!!!~ T.T
and i can see  my puffy cheeks today. i am sooo DEAD! T_________________T

Owh well, ended a day with a toilet picture! (girls are always girls!)

photo credits to weijia

and here are some taken in Italiannies! all photos are credits to weijia!

HAD totally fun with my other 4 companions. The main reason is because out of 5 hours of outing with them, all we did is talked and laughed.. To be honest, i laughed so hard that my jaw ache everytime i'm out with them!


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