the 31st December of 2011

its almost the end of year 2011, i was thinking back so many things and my experiences during the past months. what had i've achieved,
what had i've completed,
what should i change about myself,
which are the mishaps,
which memories are the best.

in the end, i couldn't get an appropriate reply, maybe its due to the quick ticking clock who waits for no one.
its fast enough to make me forget what had happened in the previous years or the past months.

the year of 2011 ended quicker than ever, where all i remember was rushing my assignments dateline, rushing for my final year exams, getting my diary schedule in place. POOFF!  1 year is almost over.

its a sign. every new year should start with a blank piece of paper.

now, 30 minutes before 31st december 2011 (last day of the year)

thinking back, my 21st year passed like water stream. but there's something i felt in me that transformed.

after my 21st birthday, i realised that i was slightly more courage, maybe its because my mentality kept telling 21 years old are a legal year where you can start making decisions yourself.

Besides that, i also realised that sudden pressure is being weighed down on my shoulders. maybe this come along the slight courage that i've experience.

putting myself back into the time machine, i'll slightly brief through what i've experience (NEW) that i haven't done previously.

The first thing that came to my mind was entering the Casino in Genting for the 1st time along with my parents. Surprisingly, the casino is not the spectacular that i've expected it to be. I wasn't all overwhelmed by the things that are happening at the Casino center. But, indeed, its quite fun watching other people gamble/shout for their numbers.

The 2nd experience was to attend events that are supposed to be reviewed in my blog, such as Galactic Laser . Although its my 1st review event, but it was seriously fun, mostly is because its a really exciting game, not to mention costly. However, through this review, I've gotten myself to broaden my social circles, getting to know nice people all over, even younger than me! Bowen, Neil, Nelly, Racheal, and many more! Besides that, other bloggers such as Chowyew, Richard, WeeSheong and Zhee Chuan.

yeah, i have to say, Galactic Laser brought me alot of experience, even participating in an online TV program. was quite the experience! =) Thanks guys!

Third, should be the amazing HELL for all Bachelor Degree students, our Independent Project/ Final Year Project or known as Thesis. Indeed, the stress that was inflicted are so high, that you would barely get any sleep to finish up the project, or even just to manage to finish at least one chapter to hand it over to your supervisor for assessment. To be honest, previously i thought thesis was just an ordinary assignment project, but it IS DEFINITELY NOT! the amount of work and books and journals that one got to read is NO JOKE! Even if you browse through the journals, you will have to know what the journal is talking about as your supervisor will ask you questions, and if he/she finds out you don't know, means you are DEAD MEAT.

I'm still in midst of completing my Independent Project, its gonna be my last 4 months in university, and as I was praying as hard as i can for the result that i hoped to achieve. (cross fingers).

Fourth, experiencing clubs and bar for the 1st time. Yeah! i'm 21 years old, and hence, the chance to head over to bar and club!!!! Experience for the 1st time? hahahahaha it wasn't as extraordinary, but i definitely enjoy it with my friends, where we make our own circle and chat about our favourite things. Its actually quite a good place to connect. However, i would much prefer heading to clubs/bar that separates non-smoking and smoking, as i really have the smoke smell!!!!~ yuck.

5th was my newly attached friend, braces! yeah, i had my braces this year! the 1st starting month was HELL for me as i lost about 3kg's without noticing, However, the weight loss was not gained, cause i gotten used to the braces pain already. But, i noticed dramatic changes to my teeth (obviously). =)

it was indeed a happening year for me. experience many things that are new to me, even went for several press conferences this year! yeah, i am still continuing on my Korean Pop artist fanmeeting/showcases hype!

this year, i've been to quite a few, missed quite some too! but the 1 that made me most happy was The Cri Show (Jung Geun Suk) and also kPop Music Festival and Hennessy Artistry, JungMin!

after a long winded post, i think i should explain how my post came to be,
its because i was playing back 1 song for 2 hours - A Thousand Years by  Christina Perri

its 31st December 2011 now.. here are some of my memories! =)


MichLeong said…
Happy New Year Joo!
BeCkY** said…
Wah, got my pictures there! Glad that I play kinda big part in your life! You are to me.
Nice 2011 journey, may 2012 be a greater one! Love ya!

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