wonderfuljoo is a little bit bored!

well its the 2nd day where my parents are out of Malaysia, slightly missed them,its good to have they call us every night..
Yesterday my sis and I went out to Pavilion for movie which initially was In Time, but it seemed that Pavilion have no In Time so we opt to Seeking Justice by Nicolas Cage.

For me, it was just an OK-OK movie, not too violent and not to disgusting. But the story-line was a little bit dissapointing in the end because THERE ARE NO ENDING!!!!~ gosh! i hate cliffhanger!

We had Japanese food at Tokyo Street which picture was not posted because i forgotten to take picture of it before i gobble it down. my bad. sorry. Anyway, today my day was a normal an ordinary one, staying home and accompany my sister since she seldom have outing with anyone. So, since my parents are out it would be evil to leave her at home and i enjoy outside right? I'm such a good sister.

 For our dinner, we actually planned it 2 days ago which is to get the 7cheese tower pizza.. AWESOME-ness~! again with no picture cause I already destroy it before the camera manage to snap it. absolute failure. This is the main reason why i can't do food review unless i am being called to do a review.. cause, food will be gone before my camera manage to snap anything!!!~

Going to gym with my babes tomorrow!!!~ a little bit excited cause its my first time to gym, will try to take pictures! if i am not too excited and all. HAHAHAHAHA

My independent project assignment due date presentation is getting near. i need to clarify some of my work with my supervisors already. =( owh well, the faster its over, the relieve sign can temporary be released.

 for those that missed me.. here is a snap of webcam that i took today(just now) I was too bored! and i love camwhoring! so.. bluek!


Henry Tan said…
lol! same! food will be gone before any photo of it being taken. haha

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