Roof Top- The View with my girlfriends

well well well!!!~ since i found the urge to blog.. which 1 shall i blog about 1st? owh, not forgetting i need to watermark my photos..

took me a while to think whether i should post this or not.
owh well, decided to post it, mainly because i've already got an earful of nagging from the day after this event.
so. since its a PAST event, no more reason for me to NOT post it right?
indeed my HALLOWEEN was spent with all my favourite girl friends!!~
had super duper fun taking pictures there (yes, we had 2 whole hours of taking picture only)
and NOTHING ELSE!!!!!~ after that 2 hours, we left that place.. LOL..

anyway, here is the pictures with all my girlfriends DOLLED UP!!~



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