New Star Village experience with wonderful 'Margarita' on salt

well a few hours ago, i was with Jenny, WeiJia and Wai Wai in celebrating Jenny's belated birthday!!~

This wonderful place was located at Kuchai Lama, and was a really nice and cosy place, indeed with top notch services. =) 
I mean, literally, the waiters there were amazing in servicing the customers, making my friends and I a happy bunch of people. 

The price for the place is still affordable la, but its not a place that i can go everytime, i will go bankrupt within 2 weeks. 

Place: New Star Village
Location: At Kuchai Lama

they had FULL HOUSE on saturday night =) famous indeed!

hot lemon tea for me! soothing and wonderful
RM 5.00

Grilled Cheesy Chicken
RM 19.90

Lamb Chop with Mint Sauce
RM 19.90

Cheese Grilled Fish (something like that)
RM 20.90

this is their famous drink, which i have forgotten the name..
but its RM12.90 and its HUGE under the drinks menu =) 

because its a celebration, so there's a passion fruit cake from Wonderful Bakery at Mid Valley

and because we bought present got Jenny, she got to pose with it! ;)

this girl cannot resist not writing something on Wai Wai's notebook with her new pen

the the VERY Sweet message after all! (LOVE)

and because its Jenny's birthday, New Village served us free juice to toast! with salt 
which at first we thought it was margarita, in the end we realised, owh, its non-alcoholic 

sempat pose with it before we 'cheers' it up! 

well, the experience there was satisfactory, although my friends said that there may be better western cuisine place, but this services here are friendly, and its environment is very cost, good for chit chat and best of all, its free from nicotine dangerously smoke. If you guys have not been there, GIVE IT A TRY! =) check out their facebook page for more information




Merryn said…
oooh.. i want a hot lemon tea now :)

Happy Bday Jenny :)
Anonymous said…
thanks darling Joo Ying! for the arrangement and for dedicating a blog post for my celebration! love you too :) thanks merryn.


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