Hennessy Artistry Global Art of Mixing Press Conference 11.11.2011

Hennessy Artistry BIGGEST Party of 2011 Press Conference. (11.11.2011- 3.00pm)

The press conference was conducted with 6 performers
(except Landy Wen who are not able to attend due to schedule but manage to record a video)

Performers during press conference:
Chris Willis
Yolanda Be Cool duo
Park Jung Min
DJ Goldfish and Blink

for the event up and down. i recently posted here

Arrived the event location and was greet with 4 stations.. =) AWESOMENESS!
Press Conference was held smoothly
1st check here out!

the crowd.... when i arrived, WOW!

the new taste, Hennessy SODA!
Hennessy Mixing Bar

Fruit Slice station
Hennessy iMix Challenge

Music Maniac board
Hennessy Music Mix Synth

the celebrity wannabe
Hennessy Interactive Photowall

pretty girls will serve you tonight!

location of the 6 performers for Press Conference

MC for the day Julie



Park Jung Min

Yolanda Be Cool

Chris Willis

Landy Wen

left: Chris Willis and right: Yolanda Be Cool answering questions during the press conference

signing the Hennessy Limited Edition and will be given to ONE lucky winner who register at Hennessy Artistry facebook page

GROUP PHOTO of the Six performers!

cause i am a HUGE Park Jung Min fans, here is the footage!


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