failed and yet always regretting it

every since my holiday/ thesis project starts, days have been all over the place
there might be a possibility that i think that i've been leaving the house too often, cause my mum have the perception that i was on HOLIDAY, which i am not? 

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i realised that there were heavier responsibility on my shoulder these days.

firstly its because i became the President of Marketing Student Association, where my Advisor is one (use people no need deposit) kinda person.

The responsibility of trying to bring up a almost-dead club is hard. trust me, especially when UCSI students are always so self-centred. But still, i am grateful that i have friends that are so helpful when it comes to sharing the burden. =)

secondly, the fact that i put too much things on my plate at the same time, that made me think that my hours were limited. I know i am on holiday-mode, which reasoned to why my work is working at a freaking slow pace but STILL!!!!~ gosh, doesn't seem like BREAK to me at all!!!~

and maybe its cause of guilt, that i kept going out driving my dad's car cause i cant align my time with my sister's uni's classes. either, maybe my conscience is making this emo right now. 

and i am still thinking on whether i should start taking up part time or not. The rational in taking part time is feasible since i will be home till this end of the year, BUT i need to arrange time with my lecturer to meet up for IP, which limits my part-time to either continue teaching tuition or taking road show jobs. WHICH??? 

actually i had a plan to work part-time for marketing companies where, i am allowed to come and go according to the timetable i set to the company... ok i shall start from here. >.<

sorry to let u see all my ranting, but seriously, its maybe cause i am listening to all the emo songs, that its making me all emo and mushed up.

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its 3rd of November now... i shall stick to my plan, thanks for reading. i'm alright again! =)


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