the dilemma between 3 smartphones and annoying ramblings of wonderfuljoo

currently, the hardest thing that i encounter, its like being stuck in 3 cross road, well, it might be easy for some, but those are not me, cause i'm in full dilemma now and... worst of all, i hate the feeling post-purchase behaviour.

The cause of my dilemma is prolly because of those Telco plan, and the retail price and the specifications la! basically, the tricks that Telco plan does in their marketing, is giving me trouble (which is what the company aim for).

So yeah, being a marketing student, its a PHAIL that i can't determine which is a better and more value package. and, mostly because its my first smartphone.

I am a little bit stingy when it comes to splurging on technology products. Mainly because it depreciates so quickly that i might have to lose 10% of my value each month!!!!!~ enough of my indecisive ramblings. here is the 3 dilemma i am having now.

first of all, is the Samsung Galaxy Note (which was recently released)

  this phone is the in-between Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and Samsung S2, cause the size is in the middle (which i find this hard for my kesian tiny hands. Its its to compare between S2 and Note, their specifications are almost similar, its just that,

 Samsung Galaxy S2


Note has a large screen which makes browsing/reading much easier, and have multi input with Spen! and also S Memo/ S Planner/ S Choice (Apps for GALAXY Note).

Practically, its not all the attractive to me. I'm not very tech savvy and i like writing down my diary and schedules on a diary book.

But, the problem is Telco Company plan sells this phone's price cheaper!!!!!~ (yeah, i mean cheaper than S2), the cheapest i find from Telco Company was RM1,549.

 On the contrary, Galaxy S2 sells at RM1,799 which is higher priced, but the plan was so darn cheap! only RM28 per month for 1Gb data plan!!!!!!! and it comes in WHITE~

 well, 2 of my dilemma was mentioned, which was S2 and Note..

so what's the third... I think most of us guess it right? its NONE OTHER than IPhone4. Initially, i plan to get 4S when it arrives in Malaysia, but.. the reviews on 4S was so bad... so i resort to just Iphone4..

 IPhone 4

  and the purpose of me getting an IPhone, well practically cause i like the brand and of its low depreciation of value. yeah, i take into consideration if the value after i purchase, so yeah! that makes me a GIRL!

 owh well, i'm not all interested in the plan they offering to me, so if i am planning to get IPhone4, i can just buy it at Mac store. so now what!!!!!!

 so, which should i get??? any suggestions?


BenjaminVai said…
take the galaxy note wei!
Jennifer said…
Buying iphone fr mac store needs plan too. Every iphone is attached to a plan. No
Matter whr u buy. Only
Telco sells iphone. Mac store also getting stocks from
Telco. The policy of apple. If u r buying
Iphone w/o a plan, then u hav to bcateful when it comes
To warrantty. Only
Telco can provide warranty and repair service.
Btw, whr did u get the hennessy artistry passes
wonderfuljoo said…
won it from bloggers and during the press conference =)

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