12 hours at Mid Valley on Friday was AWESOME

well, my short semester, 7 weeks of hell is finally over!!
but now i have another hassle to worry about. my independent project

GAH!!!~ screw that, my purpose of writing is not because of that!
owh well, i've been quite attached to tumblr nowadays, that i kinda neglected blogger.. oops!

its finally over, and i can find time to blog!!!~
particularly, yesterday! which was a ALL DAY OUTING day for me! (spells L.O.V.E)

According to the event master, the briefing suppose to end at 1pm, so i actually booked for LeiSureMall at 3pm Real Steel, calculating the time for lunch and all BUT! it ended at 10.50a.m.

time management of the particular event planner is so bad.. gosh!

so, we head over to computer lab to check for another appropriate time to watch!.. and....we found!!!

Thus, WaiLing, Wei Jia and I head over to Mid Valley for Real Steel (initially) at 12.40pm's movie..
since we reached really early to Mid Valley, so we head over to Kim Gary for some lunch and tried the all best tomato soup! (LOVELY)

REAL STEEL WAS AMAZING, and NO i am not doing a movie review, cause i dun like to do movie review..

owh! before that, we bought another round of movie, since we wanted to catch Lion King 3D so badly. and to be honest, its definitely not regrettable, i ACTUALLY REALLY MISSED the movie, and the moment the KING die, i actually felt really sad... almost teary.. T___T.

anyways! after the movie, we searched for Gong Cha which located at Gardens and gosh the bubble tea punya bubble is sooo DELICIOUS MAN!!!!~ super LOVE!!!~

6.30p.m leaving Mid Valley and reached UCSI at 7.30p.m. and then, I drove back all the way to Mid Valley again. (yes, after Wai Ling fetched me to pick up my car, i took my car and head over to Mid Valley again) = indeed, i spent about 12 hours in mid valley yesterday.

IT WAS SOOO JAM!!!!!!!!!! seriously! super jam, owh well. reached Mid Valley again at around 8p.m and GALACTIC LASER it is!!!!~ for?

HALLOWEEN party it seems!!!~ i hate ghost full stop and no comment. seriously, so scary, and its dark inside with white ghost and hell it scares the heck outta me!!!!!!!!!

i didnt watermark my pictures, cause i think my camera was on the wrong mode, and i didnt capture as much beautiful picture of myself, and everything else felt so ghostly. so yeah. just steal if u like.


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