its been a while since i blogged about myself.
its quite hard to explain what i've been doing recently.
mostly its cause, my life was normal and ordinary.

But there's indeed something special this semester.
i socialised more? i think so.
I talked more? i hanged out more. and indeed i gotten myself more scoops! ;)

well, since its as interesting as always, i'm just gonna post what i crossed this few weeks.
it was a blast and yet very exciting and energetic.
thanks for being there for me always my darlings!

when we were hanging out and producing work! discussion is always best when u have the best companion.


joy happens when u hang out with your best friends! and best place with best food (maybe better)


then back with all the hectic snatching and rushing!
but it all always ends well, because we have the communication and cooperation!
i will always need u guys! so cheers!

this bunch of girls! are my inspiration and my best uni companion! they always manage to pull off all the impossible! *HUGS*


this is cause we made it well, and all ends well!
together we build!

btw, i love taking picture with my most strict lecturer! he's so cute la now that i see it! (gosh!)

i like this picture~ cause it includes all of us! (include the camera girl- wai wai)

mr quah! i like this picture best! so be proud!

called the 2 piece woman! (there's another 1, u know who u are wailing!)
she's the 1 always putting up with my tantrum! thanks!


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