the source of my ache, at the same time FUN! =) Galactic Laser!

Hi! this is Wonderful Sslynn Lim Joo Ying, u can call me Sslynn/Jooying.

if u guys were following me on facebook, then i bet you guys will hear me scream of pain this few days.

the reason for my self-inflicted pain?

cause i was sponsored by Nuffnang to Galactic Laser for  Fortress Zero Capture The Flag TOURNAMENT!
(my 1st time going there, and tournament i've gotten myself in, indeed ' sendiri cari pasal')

owh well, being the type of person who is willing to go and try new things
(i am genuine Generation Y, the gaming generation)

the event place! =)

so, thanks to Michelle who invited me, and a bunch of bloggers (Wee Sheong and Zhee Chuan)

we went for the unlimited training session on Friday night, and to HELL that was an exciting game!!!!
during our stay at Galactic Laser, we were being briefed by the marshal's - Neil about how the game works and all. Besides that, we were also being entertained by Mr Sergius who are so very kind to explain everything regarding to Galactic Laser to us. =)
Joo is FIRED up!! 

partner in crime!!!

the happening crowd spotted on friday!

After all the hoohaa!, the GAME starts!, we had our gears up! and stepped into the trilling arena.

but the aftermath of that, was ACHING muscle on the tights and ankle area.. T_T

that was not the end,

we were suppose to return on Sunday for the real TOURNAMENT!
during that day, we were told to wear BLACK as it is the only colour that wont shine under the UltraLight. =)
So, many competitors were there during that day, dressed in Black of course ;)

during briefing by Neil regarding the game rules and procedures!

before the game, we were called to draw for alphabets which we were supposed to be determining our turn. HUMAN TRAFFICKING was our group name, which caused a lot of havoc, cause ALL of us refused to admit to the name of our team, when the marshal's called for us. (malu man!)

PRO's of the game were dressed in their TEAM T-shirt! (semangat berkobar-kobar).

Teams of 6 includes
Team A- Anaconda

Team B- PLTS (KDU)

Team C- Flaming Ferret

Team D- [S]NSD

Team E - Sky Krushers

Team F- Silent Assassin 


then, we were being brought to tour around the arena.

owh well, the rest was the WHOLE PROCESS OF either being SHOT or u SHOOT people or u CATCH THE FLAG and then u starts SHOUTING cause everyone seems to be hunting u..
the running, shouting, squatting, hiding, and all possible thing that can happen in the arena happened.. with joy and fun. =D
sslynn/jooying all geared up!

see only thing that is visible inside the arena!

half way of the game, we were served 'dinner/lunch' where everyone starts rushing over to get some bite and fill their stomach! =)
during that time, Human Trafficking was scheming something 'EVIL' buahahaha!

then POOF!!! 2 enforcers arrived to help the useless traffickers who aren't able to traffic human! 

later, we even had enough time to pose with the trophy! =P

here are some pictures that i've gotten from Galactic Laser fb page, and Michelle Leong, the blogger and partner in crime!

the itinerary paper which was lost even before the game starts

my partners in crime! backing up and camping!
2 enforcer (Khin Chiew and Hock Hin)

BLOGGER!!!! cheers!!

the whole crowd there! top4!! =) great game and FUN sport!

thanks for the fun! and sorry for those that have hearing problem after having 1 game with me! =)


MichLeong said…
I belief it's Hong Hin. I think. lol. It was fun. Still sore until today. tsk
lionel0008 said…
Calling Team Human Trafficking....

*covers face and ducks*
wonderfuljoo said…
michl= i really forgotten his name. haha, try ask kin chiew =)

lionel= *runs away* hahahahahaha
kang said…
wonderfuljoo, how wonderful lol. btw we forgot to call the code when we get the flag though XD

He is Hock Hin, both of u fail la lol. Banana also changed name edi, from khin chew to kin chiew XD

Nevertheless, It was 1 hell of good game wheeee
wonderfuljoo said…
hahaha sorry lo. wrong name, i edit it again! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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