Poco Handmade Cafe and Atelier, exciting the taste bud.

supposing to have 2 up-coming blog post, but i'll just do one for now,
this weekend was really NON-STOP for me, not that i hate it, but its energy consuming. seriously.

yesterday was the day where i had my last class for the semester, had my last tuition class for the year, and having an awesome day with my beloved darlings charmaine and mei mei.

as most of us know, Bangsar is a good place where unique and antique-like stuffs are normally located near the Bangsar Village, but who knows that near the Mist Club, there's a lot of shops, and at that particular lot of shop, there's a place known as....
Poco Handmade Cafe and Atelier.

this place was so secluded that we almost missed it. a very tiny stores that are only capable to fit about 25 customers at once.

yet, it is very homey and cosy <3

the entrance of this amazing place! from the picture it looked bigger than the expected.

what was inside? well.. 
although the place is small, but every angle and every corner are places filled with cute stuffs, and
so worth capturing to the camera!

handmade accessories.

this album cover is sooo cute, so i decided to took it =)

after we settled down, the home waitress served us, and passed a 'board'
OWH, its a menu!

their menu! as little as it was stated, it proved that they really made it themselves 
its served on the spot! very fresh and delicious.

food that was included was 
Joo: ice lemon tea
Mei: Green tea

take notice of the coasters, it was handmade and sooo love the polka dots!

it was the side, where was so picture worth it, as the sun lighting was sooo warm! making it slightly misty inside the place
the antique bicycle, notice the wired pig! =)

my only picture of the pretty Mei, getting her sip of green tea! 
*ps, the rest is in her fb album*

our food, for quick bites, yet very filling,
pancakes with squids

Besides that, chicken spring rolls,
LOVE LOVE LOVE! the seaweed wrap was amazing!

then, it comes the chicken curry don, with amazing potatoes 
to confirm, this curry is japanese curry, level of spiciness.. near to 0.

the dessert area, most popular....

green tea, tofu cheese cake
taste for the 1st bite, as a little bit different, cause we've never tried tofu cheese before.
but, it wasnt too sweet and in fact,
after a few bites, its getting more and more delicious.

the 1 we SOOO LOVE! <3
Chocolate Mud cake with vanilla ice cream!

another side of nice decorations!

who are they? POCO of course!

this is my favourite picture of the day,
the lights and the focus are just right!

the place where we sit, it was cosy and warm hearting.

doesnt this reminds u of your childhood?
for me, it reminds me of Dolly, the toy 

in the end, it was a worthwhile trip, we all had tremendous fun and it was a place to just chill and talk
as they had all those oldies being played at the background.
quiet environment.
having wifi is a PLUS! >.<

ps: for those that are interested with this unique shop, u can visit their blogpage! (Poco Handmade)


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