my H.O.L.I.D.A.Y!!!!~

my holiday started since the 19th August 2011 =)
one memorial day!

straight after my exam which ended around 6.00p.m.
head over to Mid Valley to meet up with all my darlings! =D

since, on my way, there were no jam, i reached earlier as expected, then half of my friends ditches me to a movie, didnt want to teman me tunggu my darlings reach.. aihz.. kesian me, went to shop alone in Mid Valley. buahahahaha *evil laughs*

owh well, when its almost 8.00pm finally Mei Mei reached, so we waited for the rest (Han Lian, Charmaine, TK) =)

since its puasa season, most of the place were fully packed. TRUST ME, its FULLY PACKED.
1st we went to Chillis, we were called to wait 45 minutes, then we head over to Tony Romas, where the queue was SOOO LOONG!, lastly we ended up in Italiannies.

food picture is still with CHARMAINE HO! which she havent posted up yet. =) *damn u stalker! stop bugging her!!!! sharing photos between friends happens in FB ok!*

after we makan, we rushed over to Machines, cause TK wanted to get Ipad2, so we tagged along and "played" at Machine? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

day ended when we chilled at Starbucks, and listened to the story of "HL in Seattle". HAHAHAHA epic!

that was the end of my 19th August, which was so much fun!
the day on the 20th August
the next day morning, head over to mei mei house and fetching foong yee =)
off we headed over to Chicpop!
didnt get much, as nothing much was there, except my LOONG wanted White Waist Belt =)
nice chilling along, and having to meet foong yee after so long!

and its 20th AUGUST! how can i forget ANDREA TIM WEI MYENN's 21st birthday!!!!~

to andrea, if u are reading this,
COMEBACK quick! yur present is waiting in MALAYSIA!!!!!~
*prays hard u didnt have tat yet!* HahAHAHAA, seriously! if u got it already i will BANG my head on the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!~

with lots of love,
on the 21st, head over to Pavilion and Lot 10 with parents for shopping! and..
on the 22nd morning, i went to Pavilion to meet up with my amazing HOT 4-D looking LEADER Hyun Joong!!!!! pictures and videos were posted at my obsession blog..

days were normal, getting bored already?
i dont know whether its because i've gotten used to the SUPER buSY 14 weeks of semester,
started searching for my IPa topic, yes i think i am crazy!
i even started to plan for my proposal already!

owh, i did cut my hair...
picture? i was too lazy to change my clothes and take picture, so the webcam 1 la! ok?
hahahahaha!!!~ btw, if anyone can guess who is tat guy at my desktop!
u are amazing! i bet we can talk about him day and night! *spells L.O.V.E*

if u spot any difference! thanks!!! =)
if not, boohoo for u!

really going to start doing something that earns me money. i cant stand it anymore..


BeCkY** said…
did you really cut your hair??
wonderfuljoo said…
i did trimmed it la.. the problem i have nw is i think i want to get bangs! but cause my darn face too round.. dunno hw! when are u free? i wan hang out with u la! =)

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