contradiction between what is right and wrong, colour between black and white

the fact that i was awake this late at night..
there's something that i need to speak about,
and since its not meant to be directed to anyone.
blog is the best solution right?

sometimes, there are situation where it cant be judged based on law and justice, ethics and rationalism
sometimes, there are situations where you cant avoid yet, you'll contradict when you did it.
sometimes, you can't help doing things that are against your will.
sometimes, there are no sometimes.

but, no matter how i looked into the situation, its possible to actually avoid it.
i mean, under the ethics and rationalism, its correct.
but based on the current situation, its not the correct decision.

the colour between black and white,
weightage are based on your individualism
its up to you.
as long as you can see it.
and as long as you are happy with it.
i'll support u all the way. =)


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