was having my final examination from the starting of this month till 19th August which is going to end soon! *jumps up and down* *shouts merdeka!*

these few days were just.... DEAD 

picture above was taken today, where i will be having my last paper... on friday
so yeah.. after that i will be like a free bird! SPLURGE like nobody's business.

owh well, after this i will continue with my excitement! DRAMA!!!!!!!~
these days i've been indulging on quite a number to k-drama. 
as most of them didn't let me down!

1st on my raking list is!!!!~ THE PRINCESS' MAN
the reason: cause there's Park Shi Hoo!! *no explanation needed* 
this drama is friggin nice!
well, if you like watching k-drama in their olden days. or don't mind watching it.
it airs on KBS World with 3rd rating in Seoul and 4th Worldwide.
my rating? 1st~

the princess' man is actually quite similar to Romeo and Juliette whereby Park Shi Hoo (Kim Seung Yoo) and family are protecting the royal throne for the Prince, after the death of the King. On the other hand, Moon Chae Woon (Lee Se Young) is the daughter of King Sejo- Prince Soo Yang which are trying to attain the royal throne. This 2 individuals who are being separated from their destiny, falling in love in whilst of the Choson Dynasty.. 
LOVE LINE STORY of this 2 is seriously heartbreaking! nice to watch! real!

2nd on my list. Scent of a Woman
i didn't know that this drama was THIS nice in the beginning.
i just liked the title of the drama. so i started watching.
wow! really amazing!

this story is actually about Kim Sun Ah (Lee Yeon Jae) with only have 6 months left to live due to cancer, fell in love with her ex-company's department head aka the company president's son (Kang Ji Won). The twist here is that, she's going to die in 6 months, and the male lead is being engaged with Seo Hyo Rim (Im Se Kyung). 
this story is fun and cute and sad at the same time, although there's no idol in this drama, but experience actor and actresses pulled it off with their skills and ability!

3rd on my list.. no need to mention *closes ear/sticks earplug into ear*

no need to mention about this drama i guess?
most of us know why this drama would either topped the chart or seconded the chart?
its cause... of the person in the bottom left of course!
owh well, although i can see that he's new to this.. *same impression when i watched It Started With a Kiss k-drama version, where Hyun Joong was like a noob*
BUT this drama have really GOOD STORY LINE and the cute and funny part..
i love this drama cause if the amazing actress who manages to act so flawlessly and pretty at the same time!

btw, if u guys hav realised, i posted my 3 favourites which 2 came from SBS, and 1 from KBS.. i wonder since Protect the Boss was 2nd in Seoul, The Princess Man was 3rd, i wonder who was on 1st? definitely not MBC since they are airing Heartstring.. hmm.. i wonder..

just so u guys know, i still havent got over this person yet!


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