when she has too much to do, and doesn't find the motivation to do.

who's been stressing like me?
i was on my verge of break down.
though. i am not that easily to be broken.
its just that sometimes i felt pressure,
which i hate.

i'm not a person who deals well under pressure,
not that i don't need pressure to push myself to do well or something,
but long-term pressure is just not for me.
maybe i'm just on my procrastination moments.

i'm planning on relaxing myself already,
but this semester seemed so rushed.
trust me, week 12 is like day 12 to me.
the hours passed by like in a flash of light.

Besides, that i have to deal with annoying people who cant manage to do their assignment properly,
i have to deal with external problems that are circulating me right now.
i used to think that, getting a person to understand your worries, your burden and your problems is a delight.
how wrong was I,

for the first time in my life,
i actually get to experience the sentence of, "you have no time for that!"
the exclamation mark just crossed over my brain,
well during a calm night, when i was getting insomnia.
yes, i get insomnia every 3 days. due to stress and worries of my assignments and mid terms.

my brain actually told me,
"i don't have the ability to input other stuff other than your studies"
how funny was that.
it even gave myself a surprise

no doubt, after this semester ends, i want to go on a vacation or trip
to somewhere,
to some place, where i can enjoy.
staying in the cinema for 1 day will not be a problem to me. =)

well, i know that my problems are miniature to you,
but it meant a great deal to me
i am not the bright type of person,
but i'm here doing my best,
grasping my own future,
with my own hands,
with my determined soul.

so.. no one is going to break the pillar down,
not in a million years.
i'm a great wall of China my self.


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