she's going to end the semester,

beeng neglecting this journalism thing for about a month i assume?
owh well, i'm doing alright now.
feeling a little stressed up

really needed a vacation ASAP!
feel like driving all the way down to Singapore, Universal Studio during my semester break.

its already the ending of July, time flies real fast, and i still thought that my birthday was just yesterday.

been chumming alot of snacks lately, including continuous consumption of Coke. (michl, die me!)

HAHA, HanLian came back from Seattle, US, so we hanged out alot?
twice is already alot to me, since i missed him for 3 years already! =)
watched Harry Potter with TK and Han at Viva.. erm. ok la that place, spooky is more likely.

owh, took brother's graduation picture last week.. =) cant wait for the picture to be produced! <3 surely going to spell L.O.V.E

and and and orthodontist appointment is NEAR THE CORNER!! panics!

and, need to buy my intax's film! left 1 only!!! >.<

thanks weijia for making this for me! <3 so cute!!!!!~

and my current obsession! damn he's HOT

pss:i have no more special preference towards chocolates anymore. damn!!!!!


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