Malacca 1 DAY trip with amazing people!!~

today is the special day!~ hehehe, the day i turn from illegal to LEGAL!~
owh my, how old is that!~ and i bet no one will believe.. hahahahaha..

anyway!~ had wonderful time with my favourite bunch of people where we can talk CRAP for GOD knows how long...... even a trip for a day, we cant finish talking. HAHAHA >.<

after my class in Uni, waited 30 minutes for the other 3 to come and pick me up.. =S
owh well, it was a great waiting!~ cause, we had GREAT time =)

here's some picture captured by MM's DSLR and courtesy to MM, TK and CH's professionalism. HAHAHA
konon. my darlings!~ xoxo


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