the END of JUNE

in despite of my busy schedule.
i didnt know how in the world that i manage to still hang out..
but, its not a waste of time cause i love them! so very much.

in total, i have a love and hate relationship with June, 2011.

starting of June was already hectic, where i didnt have 1 day that i have an empty slot on my planner.
even though i hate the mid of June, but its my birthday and outings to Malacca which i loved (12th June)
then, i hate the father's day week, cause i have mid terms but i love the father's day event (19th June)
till the end of June, hate the mid terms, where i nearly went through nervous breakdown. (20+th June)

this month, was filled with events, outings, showcases, mid terms, assignment due dates, tuitions, and field trips.
All my loves and hates in this month.
thus the mixed emotion.

nonetheless, i still love all the interactions made during this period of them.
afterall, its my 21st birthday!
small to insignificant, due to time constraint and no celebrations made,
but i think its meaningful in its own way, where mum and dad actually felt closer and nearer to me tat day.

now June has come to an end, i hope i'll have a better month in July.
*well, its not that my assignments are done, JULY is where the battle starts*

and i am about to do something really unexpected thing, i think i will do, though it looked like mission impossible, but its worth the try.

from services marketing mid terms

to marketing promotion mid terms

to strategic management mid terms.

my FULL schedule of JUNE!!!!!~ ends today.


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