control-freak having only 4 hours of sleep in 3 days consecutively

after a hectic day
slept at 3am last night for the uploadings of videos..
woke up 8am today to hang out.
went over to walk walk at Ikea and eat their amazing meetballs =)
shopped at Diva. Padini Concept and etc.

rushed back from LDP to university.
2pm Annual General Meeting and Launching of MaSA

most of the parts were greatly done and succeed. i may say it was a success
hard work felt kinda paid off.

the meetings, the preparations from all members,

Jenny, Alex, Rachel, Pheobe, Karyan, Janice, Wei Jia, Vaani and Nasir.

really liked and appreciate it.
ps: to the camera-girl, please send me the pictures k?

although this week was really busy and hectic and my mood swings was like a see-saw,
but thanks everyone for being tolerant of my temper and everything. i really KAMSHA!!!~

from Club's Day onwards, we really worked our arse off!~
now we can relax a bit. and let the committee members worry and plan=)
is that even possible for me??? i'm a control freak man!!!!!` ><
to all new committee, i know u guys will not be reading, but soon u will..
just to say.
HI PEOPLE!!! =) this is wonderful awesome the control freak- BOSS, Sslynn Joo Ying Lim. =)

pictures.. waiting for waiwai to give me =)

i am actually anticipating 12th June =D, but at the same time i am a little @.@
can i run into the casino tat day? is it legal? it should be right?? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

i am going to Jang Geun Suk!!!!!!~
I AM GOING TOMORROW~!!~ *shows off* *nose up high*
pretty boy, i'm seeing you tomorrow!~ Kidari saeyo!!!~


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