the busy semester with no doubt of no rest

i am seriously sorry for neglecting 'you' my beloved blog.
but i've been really caught up in something else (woh wat else other than uni midterms and assignments)

my brother head over to Europe like 4th June???? and will be back on the 4th July/7th July, whichever is it.
but i seriously misses him..
although his presence at home was not that significant, due to his routine of, leaving house before i wakes up, and coming home locking himself in the room.. >.<

owh well, hope he have a wonderful trip with his beloved girl..=)

while i am over here dying to survive each day
when i start to think that 24 hours a day was not enough
when i am over stressed out due to 7 days of study period consecutively for 3 subjects...

thank god this will be my last time having to take 5 subjects for a 14 week semester.. i don't want to screw this 1 up though.. i need to at least remain my CGPA u know.. hahahaha

i've been zombified my Ms Jesicca Ho, who are so enthusiastic about education.. >.< which causes me to have to work more, study more, go more field trips and interview?!!!>?!?!?!?!?!?!?! hello!!~ its like a mission impossible.. its only 14 weeks. please do not torture me!!~

and for the 1st time, i actually think Mr Quah is NOT BAD! i am starting to like Mr Quah already..
wow the difference between year 1 and year 3...

year 1: Mr Quah??? omg. good luck to u. he's hell.
year 2: Mr Quah?? just follow what he wants and you'll be fine.
year 3: Mr Quah? owh.. ok la... just do what he wants. he's better than _________ and ____________.

hahaha, i do hope they don't read my blog though.. >.<


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