its my life and i like it the way i like it

i was slightly on a down mood these past few days,
feeling like i was being targeted on and bullied from top till bottom.

well, after a sweet chat time with my favourite talk-to person, REBECCA.
i'm fine at last. i'm happy again, and i am glad i manage to speak and let out some of my frustration to her.
will see u on the 26th may, so lets chill more =)

previously, there was an incident which made me kinda upset.
initially i thought it was a not bad "friend"
but it became bad, cause i was being the "bad friend's friend"
its confusing, well its not the whole story of course,
and i don't wish to further explain it further.

just wanted to tell to that person (if u reads my blog, which i don't really know for sure)
You are not in state where u can simply judge a person, 
although i've not met you before, but i think you are not a bad "person"
But i wish u do understand, everyone has a different stand in knowing a person, and accepting a person
there is a difference in perceived value, if i must put it down in words.

No matter, who you talk to, if u questions about a person's privacy, 
even if u mean no harm, there will be damaged done (although, the sentence u wrote it u think might not be the negative 1)

owh well, i dont know what to say already. tats all the words i can give to you.
I AM INDEED the "bad friend's REAL FRIEND... so yah! i don't mind being a bad friend in your POV.

to be honest man, how can u know a person's personality and attitude and all in 1 week, and not seeing them in real life?

sometimes the online world is as scary as this.

anyway, celebrated mum's day with a treat of baskin robbins from me to the whole family. with dad mumbling it being expensive and all, but still ATE IT ALL. hahahahaha =)


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