2nd monthsary!~

previous days were hectic in university
due to all the time slot changes,
owh well. i'm still fine now.
still alive.
last week to be precise was 2nd month of braces on. =)
so, here i go!!!~

owh, did i mention i met up with rebecca, on the 15th May? hehe
so excited about outing on her birthday! =)
what shall i do??? erm erm erm.. hahahaha
no worries, we can go wash our CAR together. hahahaha

bought 1 book yesterday, RM66, snatched by Wei Jia in the UCSI BookShop.
wrapped it, the satisfaction of wrapping a book is unexplainable!~
so happy! =)

dentish appointment is in 3 days.. nervous!!!~ @.@
tighten again??? now my teeth not pain, and there goes, she wants to tighten it already...

owh, i forgotten to update my people about my previous semester's finals condition right? haha
owh well, i scored better than i imagined it to be!!! =) happy me!!!!!~


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