went out today with wei jia and wai ling..
for a relaxing day Out after out stressful semester.
had about 12 hours of walk.... omg. tired giler!~

930am, starts the whole journey,
11a.m watched RIO (super nice!!!~ so funny and cute!!~ )
* everything that he says doesn't make sense to me!*
* Owh My, Cheese and Springles!*

then, we had Manhattan Fish market,
*forgotten to bring my student ID, but the person in charge still allows us to take up the student price!~ *
*ate Fish and Chips!*
*owh, my stomach is super full!!*
*plus, we had dessert. Tiramisu! =D*

then, later we watched another movie, The Chinese Ghost Story.
initially we thought that it was a GHOST story, but it wasn't.
just some typical chinese fiction movie with people flying around. LOL
*hocus pocus*

in between, we went to MPH, and......
I BOUGHT 5 books!!! =D

so happy!!!!~ satisfaction of books are.... HIGH!!!~ really high!!!!~

and, went shopping around... Vincci is having storewide sales. RM20 shoes? OMG!!~ bargain!~

shopped over at cotton on! 30% storewide!!~
nothing beats me, to discounts!!!~ =)

then, head over to Ireland Potatoes, which is awesome!!!!!!!!~ =D
mash potatoes always taste best. =)

lastly we were too tired, and chilled over at Starbucks!
*my cravings for Chocolate Cream Chip, is satisfied!*
*hope i dont get the addiction again..*
*will push a hole in my wallet ler!*

bought Subway for sister and brother who were too lazy to drive out and eat themselves

and i am now here!!~ =D
tired actually. =.=

still! the book's made me want to blog today!~
i'm a nerd! @.@

**pps, my wisdom tooth on my left is growing, and now its swollen.T.T**


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