venting anger towards the Mr. Dirty Green

finished the 1st paper Marketing Processes today
finally the burden of Mr. Quah is temporary lifted.
its raining now... but i feel like blogging.
there's too  much to post..

1st about the friggin fella who called us SHUT UP!
2nd about RAIN CONCERT F1 that i went! =D hehehe

but i'm just going to start with the friggin fella who told us to Shikero! (Shut Up)- U-Kiss

i think the incident happens aright bout 9 days ago? i think. =D

there were supposedly a discussions on "tips" for Financial Management 2 finals.
so, we were asked to come out with "potential" exam questions topic.
then, after our "group" discussion, we planned that we only mention 1 subtopic and said, NO for the rest.
this way we can precisely target which part is coming out, without having the hassle to read the WHOLE 5 inches of book!!!! =(
owh well, after almost the end of discussion...
when the lecturer was talking.. and we were asking more questions...

out of sudden,
there's this friggin DIRTY GREEN shirt guy, shouted "SHUT UP" in the class.

*on a context note, everyone HEARD your SHUT UP!*
*thank you for being such an unethical MALAYSIAN, that shouts SHUT UP in front of the lecturer when he's speaking*
*even if you didnt meant the "SHUT UP" to the lecturer, but u said it when he was talking, such immoral person are u.* *SHAME ON YOU!*

well, of course there's 1 second of silent moment, and "our group" turned back to look at that person.
*wow! that guy looked down.**such a good way to "run away from blame??* *your SHUT UP was well heard by us!*

( i know that maybe our group was too noisy, and you got offended when the lecturer mentioned that everyone should listen to the "highest marks students in the class" but we are just trying to narrow down the scope which is GOOD, for what i can presume.)

(DO NOT CALL US TO SHUT UP! when your purpose of attending the class is to GET TIPS from the lecturer, you are also in the same category as us!!!!)
(if you want to read soo MUCH!, go ahead. i AM NOT buying your style of studying.)

well, as I want to confront that person to ask him why he mentioned that irresponsible and unethical word. was stopped  by my friends.*didn't want to sink down to his level of mentality.*

owh well, everything is over then.. after we let out our anger. i think most of us forgets it and move on. =D
*ps: 3 days ago, we shouted SHUT UP when he was walking though, and i think he acted like nothing happen. hahahaa*

owh, did i mention that after he said that, we had so many anger to vent, that we actually created some scene that we might do if we could turn back the time...

Jooying: I will walk towards him and ask.. 'Excuse me, Mr, Dirty Green Shirt. Did you ask us to shut up just now?' and imagine his respond after that.

Wailing and Wei Jia :  Call me Shut Up sommore la! I jeling you!!!~

Jenny: If I am the lecturer, i will ask him to LEAVE THE CLASS!!!!~

yes, this explains how angry we were, being called to SHUT UP! for nothing!!!!!~
its a discussion my friend. if you don't like to discuss, LEAVE!!!!~ 

the day when i drove home, i cant see the road.. it was pouring! 
scary man!!!~ i can only see the car lights.. 
this pictures shows more than i can see.. hahaha weird.!
red light.. took picture..
look at my lips..ulcer and so PALE.
i was sick! =(

and, hehehe recently i've been frequent in SDO-X 
but the client always causes me problem.. ish.
hehe, here are friends that i made! =D
except wjia though, she's who i see always everyday!


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