RAIN DAY!!~ =D me love!~

hehehe!!~, this the late. i know
i am having finals k? 2mrw is my 2nd paper! suck!!!`

here are the 10 vids i recorded and posted on youtube.

i had an amazing day at F1 Sepang, the 1 hour 30 minutes of bus travel was WORTH every cent!!!!!~
we get to see RAIN real up close and... what else, F1 race!!~ the sound were so trilling, it echoed to the whole perimeter.. so exciting!!!~

here is it!
credits to wonderfuljoo1

i've got to be honest! RAIN is seriously on a different level with most of the Korean Artist's showcases.
well i got to claim that, i went to almost all the fan showcases last year.
this was for most amazing experience.
the fans, communications, stage performance was breathe taking.
everything including the audios and screen were located at the precise and correct angle! =D
of course, RAIN, who is soo amazing..

here are some pictures i took. didnt bother to put watermark on it, cause its blur.
well, i cant take vid and photos at the same time right? *i need a LUMIX!*


after the exciting night!
hehee, last picture!

while waiting for mum to pick us up at Pavilion at around 12a.m. hehe
*thanks MUMMY!, LOVE YOU!*


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