i think i died during yesterday's Strategic Marketing finals.
for the first entire lifetime of me, that i am sooo BLANK that i didnt know how to create a whole essay of crap!!~
yes! i had what it called. BRAIN STUCK!!!~

hope Ms Canny is sooo super kind enough that she accept my answers.
i find myself crapping most of the questions!!~

on the other hand, I had this annoying Financial Management 2 lecturer that, thinks that this world is 'fair'
giving such annoying LOW marks for my assignment.. T.T

how am I going to score for A+ now????????? i need to use these A+'s to cover for my Marketing In Process and Marketing Processes!!!!!~

ish!~ yes, i think will expect the worst already.. with no A+'s this semesters, means no CGPA for 3.75??? ish!!!!!~grr..... Mr. Owen!! You say u will make arrangements! MAKE SURE U DO!!!~


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