got scolded today (yesterday)

sad already.
too many bad things happened, yesterday.. 26th april.. some dark lord came to find me.

nothing to talk about

sometimes i think that, because of this
my privacy's been trespassed
usually i just vent it out
but nowadays, i have to think 1st
whether or not i should say this..
its not that, i mind some of them knowing what is happening to me
but, i do wish to have something that is only shared with my friends
and some only specially for my family members
and some only for myself (well, this isnt a problem though)

did u have the time, where u feel to talk about something with someone,
but at the same time, not letting another 'friend' know?
i did, to be honest, many times
its not like talking bad about someone though (thats gossip btw)

its like, something between me and my besties,
something between my uni friends
and some between my college friends.
and some only specifically for my family and relatives

these conversations are generally different.

do not feel offended, because i think everyone have this similarity right????
lets put it this way, there should be line that isnt THAT suitable to cross.

situations like this similar to when 3 of these parties, came to my birthday party on the SAME DAY!
u will see 3 different group of people gathering in 3 different places
and the host, will have to run all 3 places.
get it?

argh! i am confusing people again.

either how, i do hope people respect each other like how they wanted to be treated
sometimes, when people did not give you the denial sign, doesnt mean they are willing to
stop being persistence? is it tat?
but i won't mind it, if things are still under control though =D
as long as, self respect is there.

i am not those type that are so willing to take the initiative to get to know someone new.
thats why u see my social network is only general in blogs and no other else.
thats cause its a journal for me. and its a place where i speak. no respond needed though.

argh! just ignore my blabbering today!
i am feeling down
and i am listening to CN Blue.
mood just went 1 level lower..


BeCkY** said…
woi, what happened la, must tell me wo, bluek!

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