random, weird thoughts going through the weird mind

i wasnt planning to post anything tonight.
just some reminiscence.
watched Ouran High School back..
I had to agree with wailing, the fansubbed are much better than official sub.
it became a habit that, we are more prone to fan sub that the official sub became a little LOW class?

anyway, praying hard to Japan these days.
hope NONE of my favourite mangaka involve in the disaster there.
like what Suekki said," Don't Give Up Japan!".

nothing much happened to me, other than my braces is making me grow ulcers like growing mushroom after the rain.. i have 2 ulcer now. T.T cries

and for university, i have 1 more assignment to do. and i am already worrying now, cause of the creativity part of the assignment. *wei jia! how???*

as JungMin is over at Singapore, it made me even more excited when he reaching to Malaysia next month!
"shyan, can i get the Press Conference passes???" please ler. we friend right? hehehe

many wanted to see my face after braces.. but unfortunately, i did not take any yet as of now.. cause..
i always forgotten to take my camera out before i change into my pajamas. hahaha.. miane!

but i still have some pictures that i havent post though.
want to see, its unedited, so no watermark there..
who cares anyway!
i miss my cousin sooo much ler!
rebecca! i want to see you! lets go snowflakes!

although an old picture, but still funny every time i see this. hehehe

well, goodnite everyone! =D
i miss you!!~
and "SHIT! i forgotten to discharge my battery!"


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