a night in Elcerdo.

its been a while since i blogged.
the interest.. kurang already
because semester we super buzy.. T.T

anyway! since i have time to blog about Elcerdo..
kekeke, so i did!

pictures were much, cause before the night, my dad took the camera and used almost all the battery and my cousin havent upload the pictures yet..

so. some only la.

on my left.. with 3 of my dorky and adorable cousins!~

this is clam and prawn risotto.

this wasnt the first course.. the 1st course i didnt manage to take any picture.
cause everyone was really hungry! and chomp down the bacon+ salad already. 
this is chicken and prawn risotto.
really nice! =D

ignore the obscene look of this dish!
it taste really good!!!!!~
especially the 1 look like satay!!!!~

this is the highlight of the day.. the baby wild boar.
 the had a tradition for this wildboar, before u eat you  have to... 

listen to this waitress explain the history of the wildboar...
*look at dad, he's attention is at the wildboar only..*

chop the wildboar with a PLATE!!!!!~
to take away all your badluck.. cause the pig is goodluck!

my brother and sister's super strength!!!~ cut of the wildboar using the plate.

after they chopped it, the have to break the plate.. 
so the waitress there, will prepare a huge bucket for them to break the plates there.
LOUD SOUND!!!!~ and, before they break the plate, there were asked whether
they want love or money.. HAHAA
i wonder what both of them chose.

then, after that we had dessert.. berries, and chocolate banana.. =D
really nice!!!!!~

lastly, they will serve a shot of vodka to relieve the bloat from our HUGE consumption of meat! 

before we leave took some picture..*with my cousin*

and last picture for the post!

i am a happy girl.

*ps, this was before my braces.. after braces picture is too ugly. no post! HAHAHA*


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