when you think back.

well. my new semester started a few days ago..
timetable.. sucks!

well, nothing much happen before my new year..
had fun with a bunch of crazy people of TARC's AJ9a. at Yan Jia's house.

pictures? here is it!

well of course not only this la!!!!!!

as much as i miss her, i'm meeting her on the 7th Jan already!

this present is definitely not from me...... guess..

me and my ex-husband

after all the laughs for 4 hours straight with the help of AVEC ~

went home together with michelle,

enjoyed my day by watching the remaining MBC Gayo Daejun..and KBS Entertainment Award..
JANG GEUN SUK is still my favourite!!~

before we conclude for 2010, of course i still have an outing with my favourite people..
we went to Mid Valley before Christmas!!

mei mei! =D

charmaine and mei mei

and of course..


hey! charmaine, you havent post the pictures of us yet!!!

and here i am getting all excited cause its HELLO KITTY~!

owh well, not only that.. december's been a good month for me last year..

so now, since i am starting 2011 already.............
its time to create new memories...
no doubt. working hard is another thing i need to do.

ps: i have yet take pictures of my uni now.. its renovated..


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