my new year. i like... hope it gets better for dad!!!~

i nearly blogged in the wrong blog.. LOL.

well, its 1.43a.m already.
nothing special though..

other than getting huger in the face everyday.
nothing changed.

owh something did.
dad was getting all hyped out.. and allows spending to be a little bit loose..
results? ME AND MUM are happy people la!
owh, not forgetting Rueben.. he gets lots of love, where dad bought him chew chew. HAHAHA

a few days ago, since its near Chinese New Year,
i wont deny the fact that spending money have been quite easy..
dad asked me whether i need to get a new sneakers..
AND of course, YES!!!~
well, me and sis both need 1

so we bought dad to Sketches again! =D
and to my surprise he allows me to buy the Shape Up that i wanted for about 2 years ago!!!!!!!!!
heres the picture..
too bad they didnt have my shoe favourite colour, Pink/White..
so i got the Grey/White 1..

picture courtesy to uploader.

well, do i sound like i'm bragging???

OF COURSE I AM!!!~, its the shoe that i wanted 2 years ago man!!!!~ how happy was i when i received this???
i even felt bad for dad, that i offered to pay 50% of the shoe man!!!~

thats not all, on the next day,
we head over to bangsar for Glasses Shopping.
dad say its okay to get my spectacles changed as well.
the shop was recommended by my Aunty called Reliance (ps, if any owner sees this, you should give my family and I/relatives more discount!! i am helping you do free advertising..) (not that you need any though)

THAT PLACE!! is like PASAR man!!
those human that goes inside to get their glasses.. are NONE STOP!!!~ 
its like,everything inside was on SALE! (quote, Uncle!) (of course, the shop isnt on sale!)

either way, that spec that i've gotten really different from those that i've used/had.
changes?? pictures i will show u, but now its in the middle of the night la!!!~ next time

a few days ago, when i went to uni, my friend thought my glasses were fashion spec!!!
1 even tried to use her and and poke, see whether got glasses or not!!! LOL
well.. i look more nerd already la, no doubt.
even the librarian that helped me borrow my books from the library looked at me with a weird face!!
owh, did i mention the Registra Office as well?? 
that guy who i see him 4 times every year, said.. "nice speck" (yes, SPECK he said) and he even squinted his eyes to look at the design..

I LIKE THE SPEC LA!!!!!!~ what can i say anymore??????????????????????????????????????????

actually tomorrow/today, eunice and jiyen can come with us to Astro Hitz, Kpop TV Showing..
but we afraid that they cant go in cause, its not their ticket..
actually, i think they wouldnt be that bad qua.. but on the other hand, they really quite strict..
anyway CHEER UP eunice!! i will try get pictures for u..
since they say no FLASH photography.. i get mayb get a NON FLASH photography right?

wait! till i blog about it k??????????????????????????


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