Astro Hitz, Kpop Tv Screening for BEAST, 4Minute and G.Na

well, i didnt manage to get to Digi Kpop Hitz Concert on last thursday,
but i managed to go to Astro Hitz Tv Screening for Kpop... hehehe
well of course its much lesser people in compared to the concert.
the place was at Mist Club, Bangsar.
capacity was approximately 500 people.

the day was normal, as sister and I lined around 1 something in the afternoon.
and we managed to enter the shelter around 3.30pm.

during the movement from outside the club to outside the door was so chaotic!
they arranged the line by alphabet..
owh come on HITZ/ASTRO!! use your brain.. COUNT from your list how many names are there starting with J till M????????? the number totally exceeds right??????????
at 1st we didnt know where to line, so we lined at the SHORTEST queue.. (like a normal person will do)
then when our turn arrives, that girl said, its for surname start with A till K only..

WHAT THE HECK! cant u just give me the passes already????? (the line for J till M was like a snake already, and the girl in charge of that counter is working like a SNAIL!!!)

in the end, me and sister was pushed back about 100 people.. AT LEAST!

owh well, after all that, the security was really strict, even No bottles and UMBRELLA!
then, we were let to sit outside the entrance of Mist Club.. till 5p.m before they let us in.. yes, from 1 till 5p.m of waiting..

*we actually listened to them rehearsal inside.. and some of us sang along! =D*

then, the gate opened and the show starts!!!! OF COURSE!!!~ hehehehe..
my distance with the stage..
there's ALOT of KLCC and KL Towers i tell you!! 
and those PLACARDS! OMG!

here is some of the videos that i've already upload...

G.NA started the show!!~
she sang, I'll back off so you can live better and Supa Solo!

video credits to wonderfuljoo

G.NA- I'll Back Off So You Can Live better

G.NA- Supa Solo

then 4 Minute sang to HuH and Hot Issue
ps: videos will be up soon!
ps: 4 minute is the only group that i manage to take picture. cause they stopped and talked a while.

LAST OF COURSE the 99% of the crowd's fans.. BEAUTY and the B2ST! lol..
*i am NOT joking, practically 99% of the crowd are BEAST's fans...
they sand Shock and Beautiful..
during this time,the PUSHING were so excessive, that i was from the front middle.. and being pushed to INFRONT of the stage..



the day havent ended of course!!!!!!~
after the event, Astro Hitz /Cube were distributing posters!!!~
and so happen I was being picked (pushed) and went up the stage to sing a chorus part of 4 minute's song..
trust me, my MIND was so blanked,
before i went up the stage i still need my sister to give me the tune to Hot Issue. man!!!

and to prevent from being "boo-ed" by any fans. i did some random crazy dance.. (as recall from the dance routine i did for 8TV)..
well either way, I GOT _________________ * i will not disclose this 1st, cause i promise to present this to my cousin, Eunice, since she cant go...

thank god the crowd liked it.. hehehe i was a happy girl in the end!

2 girls waiting for the ENTER DOOR!

that was my sister beside me. LOL
and the spec is REAL!!!!~
it does have my astigmatism power in it.

ps: i still have some havent upload. will update soon.


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