Wondergirls Malaysia Concert, Genting 12 December 2010

Went to Wondergirls 1st Concert in Malaysia last saturday..
was an awesome experience.
but i felt that lots of fans were those closet type.
very quiet.

anyway!!!~ at least i had fun! =D love the concert location and the crowd was really HEAT-ed up with Wonderfuls..  (at the back though)

Venue: Genting Arena of Stars
Time: 8p.m. till 10.15p.m.
Date: 12 December 2010
Accompanied by: My sister, my mum and dad.

here's the picture i took.. videos as well..

the hall when we entered (time was 6.30 p.m) 

the crowd starts to enter one by one.. the rockzone entered earlier we are not numbered seated

seats when its 7.50p.m
yes, it was a full house..
mum and dad is within the crowd.

when the concert starts 8.00p.m.

but... before the hype...
get some performance from Malaysia Singers.


Henley.. the superstar guy..

and.. THE ALL AWAITS!!!~


They sang quite a number of songs. which will be available below at the video section..

when the concert ends.. my sister and I was all tired and sweating already.
despite the cold weather in Genting.. 17degree celcius only..

it was a great day!!!~

videos are here!

wondergirls- So HOT

for now its all here.. i still have SunMi and Ye Eun's solo and their 2 Different Tears, Tell Me.. and etc..


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