MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

i'm here to wish all of you MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!~
similar to the drama i am watching. Mary Marry Me! where MuGyul always call Mary as Merry Christmas!

well, maybe you guys wont understand.. either way.

Hope you guys enjoyed your respective christmas events with your beloved loved ones. well as for me...

i had blast time with charmaine, TK, and mei mei on the 22nd..

Mum's birthday on the 21st.

celebrated mum's birthday on the 20th.

had wonderful memories with cousin on the 18th, for the celebration of "Dong Chit" Winter Solstices..

anyway, here's an update picture of me,

ps: my phone is currently in hospital.. sedang under operation.. will be getting my phone only by next year. T.T (yes, SAD!!!! T.T)


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