the journey of 2011

well, of course it is undeniable that i think the stretch of 2010 is WWWWAAAAAYYYY!!!~ tooo short!!~
its like in a blink of an eye that the year 2010 ended.
i still remember where i just started my january semester of my uni, and then proceed to 2nd semester and lastly my short sem (owh, the breakdown).

now, time goes faster than i used to think it is.

surprisingly. the things that i've always thought in the past is coming true now. does this means that i'm growing older already?

things like, i am starting to understand the meaning of life, should only come when you are old enough to understand WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT.

truthfully, i dont think i am ready for that just yet.
and yet time doesnt stop. well, it dont stop for no one...

as my constant SHORT of HOURS is haunting me, i took the 2 months.. to, practically escape from my hectic schedule of rushing to university and tuition houses.

HOWEVER, i dont feel any difference at all. my holiday this time was filled with constant and NONE stop business plan competitions. and well, i would say that it was fruitful... but HONESTLY??? at halfway of the competition, i had a feeling that things are not going to work well.. and the sudden thought of giving up is "right at my throat".

well, of course i didnt say anything about that, and of course i still does the project well and presentable for competition standard. any news on that, would only be released next year january. what comes after that, no one will knows.

but, i did start my year with an increase of luck and prosperity. i did start my year with a favourable journey, where..
i was still able to balance my time and work.. both uni and houses.. and still manage to attain a favourable results.
during that time, i seriously thought that i was able to pull of the whole year with all my strength. even with only approximately 5 to 6 hours daily.

when july ended, my stress went p to another whole level, where i have an increase in student's burden. where their exams are getting near. and i would often need to give them extra tuitions. other than that, students behaviour and attitude became a problem when it comes to tuition... (was i too lenient with them?)

that wasnt the worst of it, as i was still able to perform well in both my academics and work........... so thinking that i would continue strong with my spirit and luck.. same thing was going to happen in my short semester as well...

well OF COURSE IT DIDNT GO WELL!!!~ (well, not as well as i was expecting)

WORST of the WORST came to be.. when i realised that i wasnt able to keep the extra work and less study...(especially in short semester)

my study time was so little that i was getting about 5 hours of sleep daily.
extra pressure was on, when 1 of my student is facing her SPM examination..

well, that wasnt the worst... the worst was, when my student thought she was ALREADY gonna score for the subject, when she didnt even study her komsas and novel, when i asked her constantly each week to read and revise it.

as much as i hate the subjects that i was taking during short sem ( thinking that 7 weeks of suffer is better than 3 months)..

HOW WRONG WAS I!!!~ 7 weeks of suffer.. is HELL!!!!!!!~

i would rather go on a 3 month stretch with the lecturer that i hate, than 7 weeks...

i am very weird arent i? cause stuffing everything you dont like in 7 weeks... and planning to score a cgpa of 4.0 is HARD AS HELL and when the pressure of the student not scoring..............HELLx3!!!!!~

so what was the conclusion???? OF COURSE NOT cgpa 4.0 la!!!~ it dropped to............3.something la!!!~ ish!
(trying hard not the remember) MIP... speechless... marks the worst day of my entire life when i saw the result was released.

well. of course it can still be repaired with.. 5 additional cpga4.0... owh, does that mean, this coming semester i need all A+??? HELL YAH!!!!!!~ (if not how the hell am i gonna face myself!!!!~)

then, coming to the 3rd quarter of the year, where there are only 2 months left..

then competitions and constant competition.. turned my resting to.... 1 month? and APALAH! its december..
i have like 3 constant bz weekends for november.... rest was so far from reach... project was as tiring as crazy!
Business Plans?????? i think.. i did.. 4 within this year....
ideas?????? squeezed all my brain juice dry already!!!~

as much of a computer programmed NOOB as i can be, tried using the movie maker like crazy this year.

HEY!!~ all my rantings was about work and UNI!
but did i mention that this year was also my MOST GOING TO SHOWCASE's and CONCERT's in my entire life???

let me list down.... well! of course all are K-pop's!!!~

whoever Kpop artist that came to malaysia this year, i attended it all, well except Jay Park's! (i cant get their ticket, and it clashes with Hyunjoong's!)

starting of this year, accordingly..

U-kiss 1st Showcase in Malaysia (19th June)
BEAST Showcase in KL Live (26th June)
Brian Joo's 1st Showcase in Opera, Sunway (10th July)
MTV World Stage ( 1st August)
Lee Hom(not k-pop) in 1Utama (20t August)
Song Il Kook in Nikko Hotel (2nd December)
Hyun Joong FaceShop Fan Meeting in Pavilion KL ( 4th December)
Wondergirls Concert in Genting Arena of Stars (12th December)

even i myself cant believe that i went to all these.. and ALL OF THEM WERE FREE of course..
well, except UKiss's.. i paid to enter that!

those were my sweet and sour........................

did i mention, there's 1 thing that i am glad that time proceeds faster???

i get to meet with Charmaine, TK and Mei Mei in a nick of them. before we continue our workloads respectively.
i only get to meet them about 2 to 3 times yearly.. and I MISSED THEM EVERYTIME i see them.. (tears!!)

well. resolution for 2011???????

nothing much..
just another hectic year.. with the aim to get at least cpga 3.75 before my graduation.
get enough income for me to get myself a DSLR
getting another free scholarship of 4K this year.. hehehe! so i can buy more stocks.. and let the money grow from there

grasp the world even if you this its impossible.

grasp the world even if you this its impossible.


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