Hyun Joong Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur 4/12/2010

kay! here is the MOST amazing thing!!~ hehehe
HyunJoong's fanmeeting in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 5/12/2010 for The Face Shop Launching of new products. (what product, i dun remember!)

The day started for me at 12.25pm., where crowd as still at its minimal. approximately 70 TripleS-ers was spotted.

as the hours goes by, the crowd increased at a tremendous rate!!! (super!) There's no end to it!!!!!

who we came to see?

how was the crowd at 4PM onwards?
my left

my right

the total crowd as SUPER!!!~ packed! like sardine

the event started! the Flower Boy arrived!

hyunjoong was showing concern towards our side, because of the excessive pushing from the back towards us, who are in the front! so from the start, you can see HyunJoong kept on looking towards our direction.


the show ended after he managed to signed 210 posters to all those lucky winners.

event ended.. crowd subsided. the next packed place was INSIDE pavilion, cause the crowd moved into the mall.


 My sister, Joo Ee with my cousin and her friend Eunice and Jiyen


then, proceed to the EARLY MORNING to PAVILION to catch another glimpse of Hyunjoong! =D
*sorry, i couldnt get any nice pictures, cause i was on remote and my camera was on a wrong mode! LOL*

here is the framed he signed for FaceShop


and me posing with Him! =D


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