currently playing song on my earphone 그여자 (That Women) by Baek Ji Young OST of Secret Garden

sometimes, when i'm alone, awake in the room,
i read manga till i'm tired while listening to music.

today, i took the time to actually stalk some of my friends in facebook, sort of like updating myself from the 400 friends that i have.

pictures proved a thousand words, and its true, cause in my stalking.. pictures are the 1st thing i'm targeting.

i would thank god that i don't have my own room yet. as i think i am still incapable to have my own room.. cause when i'm alone in the dark, i go all emotional towards everything.

asking questions on whether why 'this' doesn't go as expected, and questioning why 'that' doesn't go as planned.

having a little sister that always sleeps in the same room as me, made me feel secure often. =D kudo's to that!

well.i think i need a little time out!!~ for now...


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