Christmas Day OUT!

on the christmas eve, family and I went for dinner... shopped around KLCC...
then dad suggested that we go on a 1 day trip.. but we didnt know where...

then mum suggested we just randomly drive around.. and search for nice place to park..

well. dad literally brought us to some temple that locates around...... MORIB??? *ghah! i dunno where..

the flamingo without the beak.


then we head over to Pantai Morib, where it was seriously unexpected..
i didnt even know that Pantai Morib is a place where u catch crabs.. LOL

jump shot 1... me like..
looked like i was jumping real high with super flexibility..
well, except my right hand where i was carrying my mp3. 
look distorted though.

then the typical jump shot where it will look like she's jumping really high!!!~

my mum thinks that she's shooting something..arrow.. LOL

walking on the pavement.. ??? i thought i was a BEACH! LOL


then we did this HEART SIGN!!~.. and my dad went.. @.@
dad told to mum

dad: you think you still kids ar? posing like that
mum: what! everyone does that! posing have no age restriction.
dad: *gives the watever sign*

this is the place i want to go next.... AFTER JAPAN that is!!~

my sister thinking of RAIN/Bi.

then we continued out journey along the kampung road.. and.. stopped a place where my mum thinks that its GOOD FOOD.

well, it turned out to be AWESOME GOOD FOOD!!!~

crab!!~ super HUGE and JIUCY!!~

clam.. trust me, its the BEST!!!~ 
cant find it in KL! BIDO!!~

vege *i warn my parents before they dig in.. result...*

THIS IS THE DAEBAK of the day!!
AWESOME FISH!!!!!!!!!!~
its asam.. awesome!!~

and because its not in city area.. price of food is CHEAP!!~
around the MAKAN area.. 
yeah, its like those attap house..
really vintage-y

like this view.. nice!!~

on our way for more.. PASSED BY A COW!!~

well, after this area. there's nothing much... dad make a turn to Sepang. and go home from there...

it was a great day out!!!~ definitely!

ps: got a little sun bun.. BEACH....T.T


MichLeong said… nice one. lol. Your mum also pose like that, no wonder your dad commented. lol

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

OUting soon!
wonderfuljoo said…
yup!!!!!~ we can meet up in jia jia house soon!! hhwhwhw

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