trip to genting to chill after stressful semester!

family and I went to Genting last week for short holiday, as a break...
well, supposedly dad was having dinner there, so we just tagged along with dad to enjoy the cool breeze with dad.
Journey started on saturday after i finished my classes on for my 2 little boys! =D

1st day of course when we reached there it was almost night.
mum, sis and I with 2 of other friends went for dinner and walked around first world.
later then, mum and dad went to casino where sis and I chilled around Coffee Bean.


then the next day before we depart back to KL, went to the temple nearby.. for the extraordinary journey!!!~

this is where we wanna try jump shots!!~

Joo Ee's!

Joo Ying's

mum says: I wanna try! Take me take Me!!!~
jooying: okay, when i say 3 u jump. k?
mum: okay!

Thus the result!! =D she cant jump that high la.. LOL

the parents and their youngest child

the parents with their eldest daughter, but looked like the youngest child. T.T

poser in the act! =D

did i mentioned that we stayed at the top of the building? lvl 28 =D super COLD!
the temperature is freezing up there!!!~


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